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Email marketing can be a valuable resource for pushing the success of a business, but it doesn’t come without its challenges. Done right, you can build a reputation for your business by sharing insights and information that benefit your target audience. Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is still the most successful digital medium for attracting and obtaining new customers. Social media has, and is, making its mark on marketing campaigns, but emails still remain the king: they have a success rate that is almost 40% higher than any of the social media platforms you care to name. 

With emails still at the top of the digital marketing ladder, here are 8 simple tips to better your email marketing practices. 

  1. Optimize Subject Lines

The first thing someone will look for in their inbox is the subject lines of their emails. Subject lines will only display a certain amount of text before being cut off so get to the point early. Be concise, simple, grab attention – and don’t be misleading. A surefire way to put anyone off your company is to have a deceptive lead to the body text. A good way of getting to the point in your subject line and increasing your open rates is to utilize brackets at the beginning to emphasize the purpose of the email. As examples:

  • [New Release] 
  • [25% Subscription Discount]
  • [Infographic] 
  • [Free Download]
  • [Announcement from our CEO]

“How to” and ‘whacky’ attempts at grabbing attention tend to both perform poorly. Be professional and get to the point immediately in the subject line. 

  1. Use Videos

Not everyone has time to be able to read through a long email, and for a long email to remain engaging, it requires a lot of thought and time into keeping it interesting to the end. Ditto overly-long product spec sheets that involve the assimilation of a lot of detail. Video content is seeing a rapid rise in tech companies and proving to be a more efficient and engaging way of marketing. An eye-catching two-minute video that provides an overview of a beneficial service or a possible solution is more likely to be viewed in entirety than an email is likely to be read if it’s going to take more than a couple of minutes. 

  1. Body Text Clarity

If your email doesn’t involve a video and is reliant on a body of text, then keep it succinct, clear, and to the point – just like your subject line. Be concise and informative, factual, and don’t come across as a pushy salesman. A brief summary and a detailed – but not labored – description are sufficient. Developers will in all likelihood have heard of any technologies mentioned within the email, so think of ways to pique their curiosity and hold their attention. 

  1. Don’t Crowd the Content Layout

Remember that many people will have turned on the option to block out images within emails. This being the case, don’t waste time and effort on designing complex aesthetics. Use clear fonts for your text and keep the body looking clean and neat. For those without image blocking, no one likes being assailed with a barrage of images that necessitates having to scroll past image after image to get to the bottom of what seems like an email without end. If you are set on the use of images, then make them eye-catching – but keep them to a minimum. 

  1. Avoid Spam Issues

You want your email to be read but for that to happen, it needs to be seen. To avoid the chances of your emails being steered straight into the spam folders and never being seen, or ignored if they are, there are some easy steps you can take to ‘protect’ your email from being fired away from the inboxes or from simply being ignored.

  • Avoid excessive exclamation points. Adding !!!!!! Your headline isn’t going to do you any favors. Better still, don’t include exclamation points at all; 
  • If there are people on your mailing list who are consistent in not opening your mail – stop sending it to them. Periodically have a clear-out and focus on those who do open and new subscribers – and repeat;
  • Refrain from embedding forms in any of your emails. These can potentially lead to problems when it comes to keeping information private, which can make your recipients wary of you. 
  1. Call To Action

Many businesses from all manner of industries will include an image within an email with the hope of it being clicked. Developers however tend to prefer tex links embedded in emails (sometimes accompanied by a button). The inclusion of text links like this have been proven to boost click-rates by over 50%. You’ll lose nothing by including at least one. 

  1. Include Infographics

Infographics are a simple way to provide easily assimilated information about your business and services while simultaneously adding colour to an email. There’s a growing trend to take infographics up a level by animating them and making them interactive. This method can generate added interest for the reader, causing them to become more engaged and invested with the information being put forward. 

  1. Add Testimonials

With markets becoming increasingly saturated and people becoming somewhat apathetic to the number of emails being received, it can make it harder to be taken notice of among the crowd. Word-of-mouth is still a crucial ingredient to the success of any business, it’s one of the foundations on which reputations are built. That being the case, include testimonials from your clients. People will always look to others for recommendations or their experiences with a product or service. If you have been supplied with positive feedback from your clients – use it. It will go a long way to instilling trust with future customers. 


Following these tips will contribute to making a more effective and beneficial email marketing campaign. It won’t be overnight, but in time, with these tips implemented, you’ll see an improvement in leads and an uptick in business. Don’t forget that despite the apparent domination of social media, it’s email that still remains at the top of the leaderboard for digital sales marketing – so it makes sense for any business to put in the effort to maximize the potential with email marketing development. 

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