Consider Node JS Developers

Considering Node JS Developers

Node js is the Open source JavaScript platform offering a wide number of features. More than 43% of the Node.js developers have been using it for enterprise applications. Based on a recent report, about 85% of the developers use Node.js for web app development. Top companies such as Amazon, Netflix, LinkedIn, Tumblr, eBay, Reddit, and PayPal have been using Node.js.

The main reason for deploying Node JS is that they automatically decrease the average response time. As a result, Node.js is used from 1% to 2.2% globally. Node.js has been powering more than 20 Million websites across the world globally.

Responsibilities Of Node Js Developer:

Node.js has been one of the popular platforms for more than 6.3 million websites in the US alone. Based on the recent report, more than 37,000 checked websites are run on Node.js. 

In the modern-day, the number of technologies has increased like never before. Therefore, upgrading website development procedures becomes an easier process and making more advancement with smart apps, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and many more.

  • Understands Agile development methods
  • Understand front-end
  • Deliver streamlined and readable
  • Well-documented code
  • Work with databases as well as cloud platforms
  • Understand principles of API development
  • Fixes issues in app development

Most businesses globally have been availing the advanced node js development services for their website with the increased features. The main reason for using Node.js is that it is equipped with features suitable for the website.

  • Full-fledged package with a wide range of tools
  • Easier to create complex apps even without the need for complex codes
  • Reusable and Code sharing provision
  • Evolving Model-View-Controller Features
  • Features the advanced OAuth and SSL security
  • Full-fledged firewall system

Need For Node js Developers:

Most companies have widely preferred NodeJS at the enterprise level. With the success of Nodes development, choosing a skilled and professional Node.js developer is quite important for attaining more benefits. 

NodeJS development especially embraces the unique app scalability on the go. Node.js is quite a convenient option for monitoring, optimizing, and deploying technology-based applications. Back-end innovation mainly works with easily prevailing tech fans.

Skills Required For Node js Developers:

Hiring a reliable and skilled NodeJS developer is more important for efficient development. When the NodeJS developer can write and reuse verifiable codes, it is easier to undergo the quick coding phase. For increasing the application’s performance and the implementation of low latency, the NodeJS developer must have the necessary skills. 

You can easily hire node.js programmer to develop basic GIT tools. In the modern-day, there are lots of breaches that could be seen, so that the developer needs to be aware of the security and data protection-based projects. 

Node.js developers are also required to know the data storage solutions, including things like key-value stores, databases, blob stores, and many others. Certain qualifications required by the NodeJS developer to hire includes:

  • NodeJS developer requires to have knowledge in Jade, EJS, or CSS – Template languages on the server
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Know about fundamental designs for creating a scalable application
  • Must be proficient at conducting a project with different NodeJS tools and technology
  • Knowledge in frameworks – Express and StrongLoop
  • Should have deep skills in Tech Jargons like JavaScript or CoffeeScript
  • Skills in the pre-processes and front-end including technologies. This includes, Stylus, HTML5, and CSS, along with stack technology
  • Multiple data sources along with databases integrated into the single system
  • Theory and practicality of the automated testing platforms
  • Skills in creating base schemes with business support
  • Understand the basics of MySQL/PostgreSQL, AWS, Docker, and many others

Main Ways To Hire Node.Js Developers:

Whether you are hiring a professional Node.js developer for any JavaScript application, choosing the best Hiring Model is more important. There are many numbers of hiring models – Geography and Employment Type.

Based On Geography

Hiring a Node.js Developer based on geography is the primary model. When hiring a developer it is important to opt for either nearshore talent or a trusted offshore developer. If you prefer hiring the local Node.js developers over the traditional hiring processes, keep it simple and efficient. Many companies are looking for online job boards such as Indeed before making their recruitment.

Hiring a Node.js Developer with attending or hosting Local Tech Events like tech conferences is a suitable option. These activities were limited as many recruiters have been using the online platform for the hiring process.  

Based On The Staff Augmentation Model:

Staff Augmentation is one of the unique ways for companies to easily scale the development process. Hiring a Node.js Developer using the Augmentation model is one of the unique options. 

The main reason is that team augmentation allows the recruiter to find the already hired or vetted engineers who are mainly employed in the development process. It is one of the time-efficient options for hiring the NodeJS developer.

Hiring via trusted online platforms for node js development services is an efficient way to easily save your time. Now you have the better option to easily find all the available developers from top outsourcing companies.

Agile Methodology:

Most of the NodeJS development companies have been using the Agile methodology to easily enable professionals to build the website or application. The agile methodology would be an efficient option for assisting you in Hiring Node.js Developer. NodeJS developers also gain a better way of unlocking the complete potential in better flexibility.

  • Results are visible
  • Reduced risk
  • More investments
  • Receiving feedback from the masses
  • Creation of proof-of-concept
  • Early rapid prototype
  • Products are used and created ASAP
  • Effective future development

Soft Skills:

Whether you are looking forward to hiring a node.js programmer, it is important to look at more aspects. The developer is required to have interpersonal skills and non-cognitive skills. Adaptability is a soft skill that allows employers to easily seek the best way to hire candidates.

  • Constant Learning
  • Stress Tolerance
  • Persistence
  • Motivating
  • Managing Expectations
  • Curiosity


Node JS developers conduct many important tasks simultaneously, and therefore, they must have certain specific skills for exploring each task individually. Hiring a Node.js Developer is important to undergo the best development procedures possible.

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