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These days, talk of digital marketing strategies and ways in which marketing can be bettered for businesses online is near-constant. Lists and tip blogs seem to pop up from all angles with an abundance of advice on how to better market your business. With the sheer amount of tips that go around, sometimes it’s hard not to stop and wonder: does any of this advice actually even work? 

Generally speaking, yes. Some better than others, of course, and some – it’s true – just really don’t. So here are 3 digital marketing strategies that really do work for businesses. 

  1. Email Campaigns

Don’t be fooled into thinking otherwise: emails are still a huge driving force behind any sales and marketing campaigns. In fact, they are so effective at pushing brands and products that 40% of all sales off the back of digital marketing are thanks to strategic email drives. It’s easy to think that social media would be king of the hill today (will get to that shortly) but of all the digital platforms, emails are still running at the front of the pack. They work – and they work well – so don’t slack when it comes to incorporating well-honed content into sales marketing emails. 

Emails are an excellent way to communicate with customers – old, new, and potential. They are a simple, friendly way to nurture relationships and establish trust with the public. They keep customers and clients informed as to the activities of a business. They can also be used to deliver special discounts, sales news, new product news, and give information related to any intentions of growth by the business – be it services or the expansion of business locations. 

Emails are a convenient, tidy way to clearly communicate anything and everything. For now, they show little sign of relinquishing their lead at the top of the digital platform ladder for successful marketing strategies. 

  1. Search Engine Optimization

When it’s done right, SEO works – and is crucial to the generating process of organic growth on the Internet. With a well-crafted SEO strategy nailed down, your website will have an exponential increase in visitor volume. Awareness of your brand will curl upwards and you’ll see a higher percentage of leads convert to new customers. 

The point of SEO is to make your business visible. SEO works by increasing your search ranking. However, there are two very common errors that can be made by SEO strategists which are detrimental to the entire purpose of SEO strategizing. 

  • Inaccurate keywords;
  • Keyword stuffing.

Keyword Inaccuracy

As obvious as it sounds, research your keywords thoroughly. Keep them relevant so as not to confuse Google and other search engines. If this happens, your traffic will be getting pointed elsewhere. 

Keyword Stuffing

As tempting as it is, don’t go keyword-crazy and ram your keywords in as frequently as possible – or even not possible. Google has the IQ to see what’s going on and won’t fall for it: overdo it and you risk Google passing you by altogether. 

So long as you do it properly and don’t make the two common mistakes above, SEO really is one of the best digital marketing strategies that work. 

  1. Social Media Marketing

Unsurprisingly – unlike, perhaps, the first entry here – social media marketing strategies really do also work. They may not quite be at the front of the pack -yet – but platform-led digital strategizing they are getting is within touching distance of the leader. Social media platforms are excellent vehicles for driving your brand name and product all over the Internet. Today, more people than not will have at least one social media account. With eyes looking to phone screens for more and more day-to-day information, marketing across social media is now an absolute must. Not only is it a sure-fire way to have your product and/or company name seen but it’s an amazing way to engage with current customers and potential customers alike. The real-time immediacy of social media makes it a perfect tool for any sales market strategy. As well as the real-time interaction potential, social media is another layer with which to bounce people toward your website. 

Something to bear in mind though: think about your social media marketing carefully. Attracting followers can take time (especially if your business is a new one). Do some research to find out which platform – or platforms – your target audience is most likely to use. It’s more likely to pay off if you better focus your efforts there. By blindly shooting off your advertising across every platform, you will likely hit a few targets. But nowhere near as many as had you concentrated on the areas where your audience is likely to congregate in higher numbers. 

As with any other arena within which a marketing strategy is deployed, when it’s done right – it will work. 

In Conclusion

Of all the digital marketing strategies out there, those are just three – but they are three that are proven to work highly effectively. The key to them harvesting the best results is that they are utilized correctly. Put the time into each, and the benefits will be apparent before you know it. And never forget that the original – the email – has lost none of its power.

Author bio:

Roy Emmerson is a Media Relations Coordinator at and content-strategist of Market Business News. He started several companies and failed, and then learned from his mistakes to have several successful and very profitable projects. Roy is focused on making a difference with the content he develops and curates.

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